A New York state of mind.

Helgen var bra. I fredags sag vi pa Halloween-paraden i east village. I lordags akte jag och tysken runt lower Manhattan, sag Ground Zero, Wall street och sant. Igar akte vi ut till frihetsgudinnan och Ellis Island. Jag hittade uppgifter i deras arkiv om min farfars morbror som emigrerade till Amerika 1923, det var tufft.

I heart N.Y.

I didn't really miss anyone in the beginning. I know that I'll be back soon and I was so excited about New York that I didn't really had time to think about home. But my sister, you know. I started missing her the minute I got on the plane. I wish she could be here to share this with me too.
You got that sisterslashbest friends relationship?
Yeah. We share evrything. She knows where I come from, she's always around to help me. And we have an identical sense of humor. We don't even have to look at each other to know what the other one is thinking. 
Soulmates, huh?
Yeah. Soulmates.

Syster, Jag saknar dig.

Postat av: Caroline.

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2008-11-04 @ 15:30:56

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